offers a wide variety of luxurious bath and body products and accessories, candles and home fragrances.  Pamper yourself with specialty products from nationally and internationally recognized and respected companies, including:

Boston International
Caren et Cien
Crabtree & Evelyn
European Soaps, LTC
Ideal Home Range
Island Bath and Body
Jack Black LLC
Kama Sutra
Martin and Barnett
Mason Pearson
Roger & Gallet, Paris
Santa Claus House
The Thymes, LTD
Trapp Candles
Upper Canada Soap &   

West Virginia Products

has a wide selection of aromatherapy products that can change the mood of your environment, thus your mood.  Any fragrance you like can be beneficial.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal.  It involves inhalation of essential oils extracted from leaves of flowers, seeds, fruits, roots and bark of certain trees and plants.

Pleasant fragrances can elevate your mood, calm your nerves and provide a sense of therapeutic well-being and relaxation.

Lavender - relieves tension and insomnia
Rosemary - alleviates mental and muscle fatigue
Eucalyptus - healing agent for sinusitis, coughs and colds
                        natural insect repellent
Chamomile - relieves anxiety and stress
Patchouli - known to relieve depression and nervous 
Sandalwood - peaceful, centering
Cloves - aphrodisiac
Rose - stabilizing and comforting
Peppermint - soothing and invigorating